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group events on kentucky lake

Something for Everyone!

Because the Villas consist of several individual rental properties within a neighborhood-style community, under the same management organization, we have had inquiries from families wanting to book multiple Villas at the same time to host a group event or family reunion! With plenty of family-friendly fun and activities for everyone we agree!

You and your family can go fishing for the day, enjoy some water sports or hang out at the sandy beach. However you spend your day, we know everyone can enjoy gathering as a family for a BBQ dinner or fish fry. After dinner, kids can play on the playground while adults can enjoy a conversation around the fire.  Finish the day with a spectacular sunset and smores for dessert!

Flexible Sleeping Options

All of our rental properties are organized in a quaint neighborhood setting with individual units that offer sleeping arrangements from 2-8 people.  With this type of variety, our guests have the opportunity to share a Villa or have one all on their own.  No matter which option you choose, it is just a short walk to the beach, playground, pool, marina, and laundry facility.

The Perfect Location for Family or Group Events!

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